GEM Brochures, Specifications & TechNotes

GEM Brochures & Specifications

Ground Solutions

GEM Potassium Magnetometer                                               GSMP 35

GEM Overhauser Magnetometer                                             GSM 19

GEM Proton Magnetometer                                                     GSM 19T

GEM Ground VLF                                                                    GSMV 19

Airborne Solutions

GEM Airborne Magnetometer                                                   GSMP 35A

GEM Airborne VLF System                                                       GSM 90AV

UAV Solutions

Monarch Autonomous Magnetic Gradiometer                            GSMP UT

AirBird                                                                                     GSMP 35 AB

Lightweight UAV Magnetometer                                               GSMP 35U

Earth Monitoring Solutions

EuroMag – Observatory Scalar Magnetometer                           GSM 90/90F  EuroMag

DIDD     – Observatory Vector Magnetometer                            GSM 19FD / GSMP 35D

SuperGRAD – 3 Axis Gradient System                                       GSMP 20s3 / GSMP 20s3M



GEM TechNotes


Advantages of Magnetic Gradiometers

GEM-4 Sensor Helicopter System

GEM Observatory and Monitoring Systems

GEM Tie Point Corrections GTN 01 2002

GEM Brief Review of Quantum Magnetometers

GEM Overhauser Low Power Magnetometer

GEM Overhauser Magnetometers Overview

GEM Overhauser Magnetometers Short Overview

GEM Potassium Magnetometers Major Benefits

GEM Potassium Magnetometers Narrow Line

GEM Potassium Magnetometers Non-Destructive Testing

GEM Potassium Magnetometers Overview

GEM Potassium Magnetometers Sub-pT Earthquake Prediction

GEM Proton Magnetometers Accuracy

GEM Scalar Magnetometers Nuclear Precession

GEM Scalar Magnetometers Optically Pumped

GEM Towed Cart Technologies

GEM Tri-Directional Heli FirstBreak 2005

MM1 GEM Depth of Penetration

MM2 GEM Maximizing Magnetic Signal

MM3 GEM Brief Review of Quantum Magnetometers

MM4 GEM Evaluating Monitoring Sites

Overhauser Magnetometers Brief Overview

Requirements for Obtaining High Accuracy with Proton Magnetometers

Selecting an Overhauser Magnetometer Gradiometer Points to Remember

Site Characterization for Monitoring Applications Using GSM 19GW

Soreq Earthquake Monitoring

Soreq Ultrasensitive Gradiometer




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