May 27 2014

New GPS Option Available

New GPS Option Available As of March31st, GEM is offering a new NovAtel GPS option which can be purchased with any of our instruments.   NovAtel CORRECT™ positioning technology is now available with TerraStar’s precise point positioning (PPP) corrections. This system delivers 10 centimeter or better accuracy with no additional base station infrastructure. Along with this feature, other benefits include improved accuracy and performance of solutions. This option optimally combines data from numerous GNSS satellite constellations with corrections from a variety of sources, to deliver the best position solution possible. Image:   For more information on how this GPS…

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May 5 2014

GEM’s Proton Precession Magnetometer

Proton Precession Magnetometers have long had a niche as inexpensive portable magnetometers, despite limitations such as relatively large power consumption and relatively low sensitivity. Typical applications include environmental and engineering surveys where targets are relatively near surface and do not require high sensitivities to detect and map, or production-oriented reconnaissance surveys for resource exploration. Operating Principles A proton magnetometer uses hydrogen atoms to generate precession signals. Liquids, such as kerosene, are used because they offer very high densities of hydrogen and are not dangerous to handle. A polarizing DC current is passed through a coil wound around a liquid sample…

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