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dIdD Vector Magnetometer

The dldD Magnetic Observatory

Measures the variation in the inclination and declination of the Earth’s magnetic field with time, and can be configured as a stand alone instrument (GSM-19FD v7.0) or simpler version (GSM-90F5D). Both systems require a computer to log, convert and display the data. The GSM-19FD v7.0 can store the raw dIdD readings. Both versions come with required accessories as follows:

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The GSM-90F5D is not equipped with a keyboard and therefore a PC is required to command the unit. GSM-90F5D
The GSM-19FD has a console which can act as a survey magnetometer if a standard sensor is ordered. The GSM-19FD can transmit raw data, in dldD mode, to a computer for final reduction, display and storage via its RS-232 standard data transmitting capability either in real time or post recording mode. GSM-19FD

Global Positioning System (GPS)

A  Time only, built-in GPS
B  <1.5m resolution, built-in DGPS with SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS)

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