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Magnetic Data
Educating Young Minds

Geophysics, and in particular magnetics, is valued as an integral component of many teaching and academic research programs. This reflects the diversity of magnetic applications and the relative ease of teaching magnetics.

The wealth of data that is routinely acquired and its widespread use make magnetics a logical starting point in teaching. But more importantly for students, a solid understanding of magnetics can help create opportunities in many areas, including:

  • Archaeological investigations where the value of magnetics lies in mapping historic structures; locating artifacts, kilns, etc.; and providing non-invasive sub-surface imaging data that can streamline field work and reduce costs.
  • Digital geological mapping where magnetic methods are viewed as an effective and standard technique.
  • Environmental and engineering surveys where magnetics contributes high volume data for assessment of buried ferrous objects and for integration with other types of geophysical and geologic data in assessment and remediation projects.
  • Observatory, volcanogenic and fault system data acquisition and research for primary understanding of the Earth and the natural hazards we face.
  • Resource exploration for precious minerals, diamonds, base metals and platinum group metals (PGMs).
  • Unexploded ordnance projects for integrated analysis with electromagnetic (EM) data
Magnetic Data

With these applications in mind, magnetics is a field of study that covers many disciplines and integrates well with different geophysical methods. Magnetics also help students develop diverse skills in areas such as computing, data acquisition, analysis and presentation.

At the university or college level, magnetics provides many opportunities in research, especially as the earth science industry continues to move toward integration of data sets and new approaches to solving earth science problems.

Applying Advanced Magnetic Technologies

As part of our commitment to helping learning institutions acquire the latest technologies and preparing students for their future careers, GEM offers advantageous educational policies. Accredited academic institutions receive a discount on all purchases for either teaching or research purposes. In addition, we extend our industry-leading warranty from two-years to three-years as a demonstration of our confidence in GEM’s workmanship and reliability.

Our basic educational offering is the GEM GSM-19T Proton Precession instrument – a system that combines the most advanced proton precession technologies with classic value.

For groups who want to combine advanced research with student training on the latest technologies, the GSM-19 instrument – the world’s premiere ground Overhauser magnetometer/gradiometer – is available.

GEM also offers a new optically pumped Potassium magnetometer/gradiometer. The GSMP-35  is a very high sensitivity system for advanced work and vehicular, airborne and now in a light weight UAV Model.

We are happy to respond to any of your queries regarding advanced magnetometer solutions for teaching and academic use. We also invite you to subscribe to our e-newsletter, Quantum, which provides a wealth of material about many earth science disciplines and the application of magnetics for solution of real-world problems. To subscribe, click here and complete the attached form.



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