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The CARDINAL Magnetometer

The CARDINAL, an ultra-lightweight towed magnetometer system.

Empower your UAV with the CARDINAL, an ultra-lightweight towed magnetometer system designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in magnetic surveys. Weighing in at just 1.5 kg, the CARDINAL seamlessly integrates with smaller drone platforms, enabling seamless data acquisition even in confined spaces.

Unparalleled Precision with Optically Pumped Potassium Magnetometer

At the heart of the CARDINAL lies an optically pumped potassium magnetometer renowned for its unmatched sensitivity and accuracy. With a remarkable noise floor of 0.0001 nT, the CARDINAL unveils even the subtlest magnetic anomalies, revealing hidden archaeological features, underground pipelines, and more.

Streamlined Integration for Unparalleled Efficiency

The CARDINAL’s compact and aerodynamic design makes it a breeze to attach to your UAV, ensuring seamless integration with your existing fleet. Simply connect the tow cable and commence your survey, effortlessly capturing high-resolution magnetic data from the air.

Broad Spectrum of Applications

The CARDINAL’s versatility extends across a wide range of applications, catering to the diverse needs of various industries:

  • Archaeology: Unearth buried archaeological treasures with the CARDINAL, revealing foundations, walls, and burial sites with crystal-clear precision.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Track changes in the Earth’s magnetic field, unraveling natural and anthropogenic influences that impact our environment.
  • Infrastructure Inspection: Conduct non-invasive inspections of pipelines, power lines, and other underground infrastructure, identifying potential defects and ensuring their structural integrity.
  • Search and Rescue: Employ the CARDINAL in search and rescue operations, locating buried objects with unmatched effectiveness.



Sensitivity:  0.001 nT @ 1 Hz

Resolution: 0.0001 nT 

Dynamic Range: 20,000nT to 120,000 nT

Low/High Field Options: 3000 to 350,000 nT

Gradient Tolerance: 10,000 nT/m

Sampling Rate: 1, 5, 10, 20 Hz

Heading error ± 0.5 nT

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