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GEMLinkplus Software for Magnetometers and Gradiometers

NEW GEMLink 5.3 Software for PC

GEMLink is a Windows based application used for all GEM Systems’ magnetometers / gradiometers. GEMLink communicates bi-directionally with magnetometers through a serial port (USB to RS232 adaptor provided with every unit sold) at the selected baud rate. Baud rates up to 921600bps are supported. The captured data can be displayed in real time on the computer screen either with numerical format (ASCII) or binary mode (HEX).

GEMLink features include:

  • Magnetic Data Downloading with buffer indication (Text or Binary)
  • On-screen Editor
  • Profile Plotting
  • Diurnal Correction
  • File Merging
  • Coordinate Conversion
  • Conversion to a different datum
  • Upload Way Points
  • Programmable Base Schedule Upload
  • Software Upgrade
  • Basic Modeling utilities
  • Multiple channel Real-time Magnetic Graph
  • Basic magnetic map plotting and contour
  • Stack (Mirror) data plotting for VLF diagnostic.
  • Supports Multi-language Windows
  • Updated UK/US World Magnetic Model 2010
  • USB serial adapter disconnection protection
  • Real time graph for Mag or Grad Value

For a short overview of the latest v5.3 enhancements, click here.

Download GEMLink 5.3 for Windows

GEMLink has recently been upgraded to .net platform. The most important additions are a plotting utility what graphs profiles of magnetic data and a Geographic Coordinates conversion tool that converts between Geodetic (Latitude and Longitude) to UTM coordinate systems. New GEMLink gives smooth and reliable data downloading with flow control option.

    • To download GEMLink 5.3 (Updated April 2016 ) for Windows Win98 Second Edition, Win ME, Win2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7
    • When transfer of the GEMLink (36.1Mb) file is complete, extract the corresponding *.zip file and run setup.exe on your computer.

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