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Jan 29 2015

Programmable Base Stations

GEM’s base station units enable remote programming via either a personal computer or the base station unit itself. The main benefit is more efficient use of memory and batteries while in the field. For example, a base station can be pre-programmed and left in the field for a month or more of operation – minimizing the infield maintenance and support of base station units on either airborne or ground surveys.

Base Station



3 Programming modes are provided:

  • Daily Scheduling
    (define working hours and minutes each day)
    This mode provides economy of memory and battery usage on a daily basis
  • Flexible Scheduling
     (set up to 30 on/off periods)
    Simply define a series of on/off periods and the base station will enable/disable itself according to your airborne or ground survey specifications. This mode provides the greatest flexibility for longer surveys where operators who may be in the field for a month or more, and who do not want to schedule their base station daily or leave it running continuously.
  • Immediate Start
    This mode is the traditional mode of starting a base station unit and leaving it until the field operator returns to physically turn off the unit.

For more information regarding GEM’s base station units, please contact our sales manager, Mr Blair Walker here

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